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Find great starter bonsai to nurture your new skill or find thoughtful, unique gifts under $60.

Bonsai Hobbyist

For those that have acquired a taste for quality bonsai, here are some options.

Bonsai Master

Refined, rare, and regal, these bonsai are the best of the best, suitable for experienced masters.

New Arrivals

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Brighten up your home or office with
varieties that thrive inside.

Low-maintenance, high-reward
bonsai for beginners and gifts.

Cultivate a beautiful, delicate
landscape with these outdoor options.

Liven things up with these vibrant
hues that span all spectrums.

What you get when you shop at Brussel’s Bonsai:

Largest Selection

We are the largest
dedicated nursery of bonsai
trees in the United States.

Best Quality

Loving care means optimal
health and longevity for
your bonsai tree.

Experienced Staff

Because we grow them
at our nursery, we are
extremely knowledgeable.

Smooth Shipping

Customized shipping
options ensure your bonsai
arrive in perfect condition.