Brussel Martin

It might surprise some to learn that there really is a person named Brussel behind this business.Brussel’s love of bonsai started when he was a child And that he laid the foundation for the company when he was in elementary school. The life defining event occurred when Brussel’s father returned from a business trip to California, bringing home several small bonsai trees. Brussel was captivated; that was the start of a lifelong love affair.

Growing Bonsai Trees and Hands-On Knowledge

While still in his teens, Brussel sought out American Bonsai masters like John Naka and Ben Oki; renowned artists who taught Brussel bonsai concepts and techniques, and helped refine his skills. As Brussel’s talents grew, so did the bonsai collection in the family’s backyard. Soon he was selling small trees to make room for more. The fledgling business had sprouted.

Searching Out the Best Bonsai Stock

Seeking the best sources for young bonsai trees, Brussel began developing business relationships with Asian growers in the mid-1970s. Now, decades later, his annual buying trips take him to Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea where he has friends he’s worked with for decades.

Finding high quality sources is the initial key step. Being granted approval to import trees into the United States is the next step and it can be tricky. Over the years, Brussel has cultivated a strong relationship with the USDA which has helped facilitate the company’s import activities even during periods of tightened restrictions.

Brussel’s Bonsai’s annual Rendezvous event is gathering of bonsai masters and enthusiastic students. Onsite Bonsai Events

When you love something, it’s natural to want to share it, right?

Brussel does just that every spring during the long weekend known as Rendezvous. The nursery hosts an annual gathering of bonsai enthusiasts which is held over Memorial Day weekend. Internationally recognized teachers (Masters) from around the world and students from all corners of the U.S. gather for lectures, hands-on workshops and demonstrations. And of course, there are also generous helpings of delicious barbecue, memorable comradery and classic Southern hospitality.

Additionally, the nursery hosts several open house events each year, encouraging those within driving distance to stop by for tours, special sales and an opportunity to talk bonsai with the staff. See our Calendar of Events page.


Brussel’s Bonsai’s greenhouses are state of the art facilities designed for bonsai Custom Designed Bonsai Growing Facility

In 2005, Brussel’s Bonsai Nursery moved to a custom designed growing facility in the small town of Olive Branch, MS. Bright, spacious (almost 200,00 sq. feet!), climate controlled greenhouses provide optimum growing conditions for a variety bonsai trees, from smaller gift plants to majestic specimen trees.

The nursery’s location is just 20 minutes outside of Memphis, just a few miles from both FedEx and UPS hubs. This proximity has been invaluable as partnerships with large national retailers have developed over the years. Custom shipping boxes, designed with input from FedEx, guarantee safe delivery anywhere in the U.S.

Brussel’s Bonsai is now the largest nursery in the United States devoted entirely to bonsai trees.


In addition to iconic conifer bonsai, Brussel’s Bonsai grows and sells colorful flowering bonsai trees.What Does This Mean for You?

• The Brussel’s Bonsai Nursery team is steeped in knowledge and hands-on experience. They are fluent in all aspects of selecting, growing and delivering quality bonsai. Questions? Ask away!

• The wide range of bonsai trees grown here represent the best selection in the country. Lots of choice!

• With deep shipping experience, bonsai trees from this nursery arrive safely and in great condition. Order with confidence!