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Instructor: Bjorn Bjorholm / Learn about the mechanics of wiring, delve into the aesthetics of design, and expand your knowledge of the science of horticulture! / Total time: 3.5 hour | Cost: $59.99
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Total time:

3.5 hour

Learn about the mechanics of wiring, delve into the aesthetics of design, and expand your knowledge of the science of horticulture!

Course format

Introducing the Bonsai Intermediate Course, an online tutorial featuring the best of contemporary Bonsai design and the techniques needed to create outstanding works of living art.

This expansive online tutorial builds upon the previous Bonsai Beginner's Course and features hours of in-depth technical and practical content never before presented in such an exciting, easy-to-use platform. The Bonsai Intermediate Course features focused, species specific lessons on some of the most popularized plants used for Bonsai, including Junipers, Pines, Hornbeams, Apricots and Maples, as well as many obscure species. Each species includes information regarding its evolutionary background, necessary horticultural maintenance and developmental techniques, design and styling principles, and applied progressions.

For $60.00 you get unlimited access to the entire online course, without any recurring fees or hidden costs. Make sure to watch a free lecture in the curriculum below!

  • Learn about the mechanics of wiring and pruning
  • Delve into the aesthetics of design
  • Evolutionary info and horticultural maintenance per tree species
  • Recommended by the American Bonsai Society and BCI
Bjorn Bjorholm

Bjorn Bjorholm

Your instructor

Bonsai professional who studied this living art for over six years in Japan.

Class curriculum


1 Youtube icon 01:17 Welcome  
2 Youtube icon 03:31 Species categorization FREE PREVIEW

Intermediate techniques

3 Youtube icon 01:33 Objective pruning FREE PREVIEW
4 Youtube icon 12:26 Wire application  


5 Youtube icon 01:31 Introduction  
6 Youtube icon 25:27 Junipers FREE PREVIEW
7 Youtube icon 18:14 Juniper (progression)  
8 Youtube icon 09:21 Hinoki cypress  
9 Youtube icon 07:15 Hinoki (progression)  
10 Youtube icon 18:09 Japanese black & red pines  
11 Youtube icon 07:31 Black pine (progression)  
12 Youtube icon 12:11 Japanese white pine  
13 Youtube icon 20:27 White pine (progression)  

Deciduous & Broadleaf

14 Youtube icon 01:17 Introduction  
15 Youtube icon 22:31 Maple species  
16 Youtube icon 04:59 Maple (progression)  
17 Youtube icon 12:23 Various alternating species  
18 Youtube icon 05:47 Alternating leaf (progression 1)  
19 Youtube icon 05:39 Alternating leaf (progression 2)  
20 Youtube icon 05:24 Alternating leaf (progression 3)  
21 Youtube icon 06:26 Various broadleaf species  
22 Youtube icon 01:48 Broadleaf species (progression 1)  
23 Youtube icon 02:01 Broadleaf species (progression 2)  

Concluding remarks

24 Youtube icon 01:59 Some final words  
25 Youtube icon 02:12 The course trailer FREE PREVIEW

"Bjorn shares tips on cultivation and development techniques specific to the species"

Bonsai Tonight

"I recommend this to everybody who is serious about bonsai"

Walter Pall & Esprit Bonsai

"Detailed care commentary and progressions are offered in learning bursts from mini-videos"

Crataegus Blog

"I was hooked - all you need to know for each species is there to view"

Bonsai Eejit

"Explained in plain English and worth every cent"

Bonsai South


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